We provide two services: education and landscape prescriptions.

More than anything, we teach.

    Education is essential in making the changes necessary for a resilient California. But effective teaching is no easy task; it requires two primary steps. The first step is changing a person’s perspective. The second step is providing the motivation to make the change in perspective a change in action.

    Effective education effects action. We have worked diligently in understanding and mastering these essential two steps.

    We provide classes, lectures, hands-on demonstrations, seminars, tours, workforce training, and many types of literature, including articles, books, guidelines, images, messaging and press related documents.

    We have provided education services to an incredible diversity of dynamic organizations throughout California. Please, call or write if further information is needed.

landscape prescriptions

We provide landscape prescriptions.

    A prescription is a roadmap to a specific goal/goals. It is dynamic and can include any of the following: site analysis and inventory, design and details, maintenance and harvesting guidelines, and monitoring and performance reviews.

    We work, and have worked, with residential, commercial, municipal and NGO land managers across California. 

    Please, email for additional information.

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