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Resource Regeneration


Comfort and safety should always be available, always be within reach, to everyone.


California is a disruptive state and often struggles to provide a basic level comfort and safety. Brownouts, droughts, earthquakes, extreme heat, floods, pandemics, riots, and wildfires are frequent causes of power outages, shortage of goods, and/or the shutdown of stores—all of which disrupts the dominate sources of comfort and safety in urban areas.


California’s landscapes can—and should—be designed to help buffer the impacts of these disruptions. The state’s landscapes can be producing essential goods and services.


But creating a greater degree of resiliency is just one reason why growing goods and services is important. Reducing the amount of fossil fuels required to meet basic needs is paramount to a sustainable future, and an obligation embraced by people and organizations throughout the state.


Our firm is currently working to create landscapes that provide these goods and services:

  • Energy

  • Food

  • Landscape Materials

  • Medicine

  • Personal Health

  • Public Health

  • Textiles

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Timber

  • Water

Foraging presentation at Cal Poly Pomona


Angel City Lumber

California Polytechnic University, Pomona

El Dorado Nature Center

Environmental Nature Center

Moonwater Farm

REI, Tustin

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